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Tips for Creating a Calm Living Space

Tips for Creating a Calm Living Space

In amongst the ever-increasing busyness of our work and social lives, our homes have become a vital haven for respite and relaxation. Central to that is the function and form of the humble living room. Our living rooms are a place for us to unwind, seek entertainment or connect with family and friends.

Below, we provide tips and advice on creating a stylish sanctuary, a space that's yours to reinvigorate your senses and naturally move your awareness to the present.


Tip 1: Comfort and Ease

To find comfort within your space, begin by understanding your personal preferences:

  • What kind of chair do you like? Whether it's one with a slouchy form or a cocooning frame, when selecting the perfect chair, think about how you like to sit. Do you sit cross-legged or feet flat on the ground? This will help determine the depth and support of the chair you choose.
  • Accessorise for comfort! Does your chair provide enough support, or do you require lumber cushions, or do you need a little ottoman to place your feet on?
  • Consider a side table that’s easily accessible, placing it within arm’s reach of your favourite drink - a tea or a cocktail! Ensure your side table has plenty of room for a book or any items you need to feel completely at ease.

 Tips for Creating a Calm Living Space: Orlando Cloud 3 Seater Right Arm

Pictured: Orlando Cloud 3 Seater Right Arm in White Dove


Tip 2: Line of Sight

Once you are seated and comfortable, it is important to consider your line of sight. Arrange the area around you by prioritising what your eyes are landing on. Choose a beautiful storage unit to display and house your favourite piece of art or a  family photo that makes you happy.

Try to bring colour into your view by facing a window where you can see greenery or a garden,  alternatively, consider adding colour to your space with artwork, a calming wall colour, or indoor plants.

Tips for Creating a Calm Living Space: Logan 3 Door Entertainment Unit

Pictured: Logan 3 Door Entertainment Unit in Natural Ash


Tip 3: Reinvigorate the Senses

Trigger your senses by lighting a  candle at the end of the day, or placing freshly cut flowers in the home to centre yourself and be present. Aromas can soothe, relax and uplift the mood in any space.


Tip 4: Touch and Texture

Touch and texture will continue to ground you and create a sense of ease. Choosing a statement piece or mixing textures such as a boucle chair or a woollen rug can make us feel safe, calm, and relaxed.

Tips for Creating a Calm Living Space: Tepih Poppy Rug

Pictured: Tepih Poppy Rug in Mid Grey


Tip 5: Decluttering

Lastly, a clean and uncluttered living space goes a long way to promoting a clear and relaxed state of mind. However, it’s not always a reality to remove all functional items from your home. Instead, think about which few pieces you’d like to keep visible. Save open shelving for a few decorative pieces and store the rest in equally beautiful, enclosed storage furniture.

Tips for Creating a Calm Living Space: Willow Woven Entertainment Unit

Pictured: Willow Woven Entertainment Unit in Ebony/Natural



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