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Boxed, discontinued stock (as new) 40-80% off rrp.
Boxed, discontinued stock (as new) 40-80% off rrp.


GlobeWest Outlet Terms and Conditions




These Terms & Conditions relate to GlobeWest clearance channel trading as GlobeWest Outlet inclusive of (“the Website”) and GlobeWest Melbourne Outlet store which are operated by GlobeWest Pty Ltd (ABN 56 674 872 621) (“GlobeWest”).

They are separate from and different to the Terms & Conditions of GlobeWest’s primary business and primary website

Your use of the Website or purchase of products from us constitutes your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. GlobeWest may from time to time amend, update or change the Website including these Terms & Conditions without prior notice. The Terms & Conditions applicable to your order will be those available on our website at the time your order is placed and accepted by GlobeWest. The Terms and Conditions together with your order after it is accepted by GlobeWest will constitute a contract between you and GlobeWest. The contract cannot be varied unless GlobeWest agrees to vary it in writing or by email.

You cannot place orders with GlobeWest unless you are over the age of eighteen (18) years. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that you are over the age of eighteen (18) years.  


The Purchase and Delivery Process:

Placement & Acceptance of Orders:

  1. You (referred to in these Terms and Conditions as “the Customer” or “you”) will receive a confirmation email re all orders you place via the website at the time of placing and paying for the order. This is not an acceptance of your order as acceptance will only occur after GlobeWest has reviewed the order along with any shipment instructions and details you provided at the time of placing that order. Acceptance of the order only takes place once GlobeWest expressly notifies you of its acceptance.

Shipping and Delivery:

    2.1 GlobeWest’s freight costs are based on the volume and weight of the products , complexity of delivery as well as the proximity of the required delivery destination relative to our warehouse in Melbourne. 

     2.2   All delivery costs quoted are based on a ground floor/front door basis unless stated otherwise. In such cases it is the purchaser’s responsibility to carry the goods up or down stairs to the required rooms or areas and to do the installation thereof.

     2.3   In most Capital Cities and  associated metro areas we are able to provide an expanded and premium delivery service dependant on both (i) the delivery location and (ii) being provided, at the time of you placing the order, the relevant information in relation to access restrictions and/or difficulties including , but not limited to, details of :

  • Availability of lifts to use and whether or not the goods will fit in the lifts
  • Stairs to be contended with and width and height of any staircases to be used
  • Delivery Truck access and proximity of the available unloading space (for a medium sized delivery truck) to the front entrance.
  • Any restricted delivery times given that deliveries are quoted based on a 9am to 5pm delivery windows on a Monday to Friday only.
  • Vehicle height restrictions in underground car-parks and any other impediments which may preclude access by the supplier’s usual delivery trucks.

      2.4    The Customer must clearly specify his or her delivery requirements and access restrictions at the time of placing each order with GlobeWest. These requirements and restrictions will be reviewed by GlobeWest prior to accepting your order. Failure to disclose at the time of placing your online web order, any potential difficulties such as and not limited to the examples quoted above , may result in us only being able to provide the basic ground floor/front door delivery service for some or all of your products.

     2.5   GlobeWest reserves the right to revise freight costs calculated by the system if there are any errors and/or where higher than expected freight costs are incurred due to insufficient disclosure by the Customer re any access and / or other restrictions complicating the delivery.

     2.6    GlobeWest reserves the right to decline any order placed by you.

     2.7   In addition to its other rights under these Terms and Conditions, GlobeWest has the right to cancel or delay any Order at any time before the supply of the Products by giving written notice to the Customer. GlobeWest will not be liable for any loss arising from such cancellation or delay.

     2.8   The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the items ordered are capable of being delivered and can fit through doors , up staircases where  necessary ,in goods lifts (where applicable) and are to advise upfront if access is only available via the stairwells as this may require delivery surcharges and/or alternative product selections.

     2.9   The Customer must ensure correct delivery address details are provided to GlobeWest and notify GlobeWest in advance  at the time of placing the order  (via website or in writing/via email) if there will be difficulties accessing the delivery address and rooms the goods are to be placed in  (Eg 1: Long narrow driveway with low-hanging trees . Eg2 :  staircases or narrow passages) that will require additional time and effort to affect such delivery.

    2.10    GlobeWest’s delivery teams will not make any deliveries they believe are unsafe.

    2.11    Times quoted for delivery by GlobeWest and/or its carriers are given in good faith and are estimates only.

    2.12    Unless advised otherwise in writing by the Customer at the time of placing the order via the website, GlobeWest will arrange delivery on the next available despatch. Accordingly , if product is not required or able to be received immediately, GlobeWest needs to be advised in writing of your required dates . GlobeWest reserves the right not to accept orders where stock is to be held pending despatch for a period greater than 6 weeks from date the order has been placed.

    2.13   Once a delivery has been scheduled and the goods loaded on the truck, any rescheduling by the Customer may incur a re-delivery charge. No refunds of delivery and/or installation of rubbish removal services will be made after the order has been approved by Globewest.

    2.14   GlobeWest will issue the Customer with a Tax invoice at the time the goods are despatched from its Melbourne warehouse to the Customer or to the nominated carrier.

    2.15   If the Customer fails to accept delivery of the Products, the Customer may be liable to pay GlobeWest all reasonable costs for failed or unsuccessful delivery attempts, storage and insurance of the products.

    2.16   Products will only be delivered if a person(s) aged over 18 years is able to accept delivery at the delivery address. Should an appropriate person not be available to accept delivery on the pre-arranged delivery date, the Customer will be charged for transport and re-delivery costs.

    2.17   The Customer must ensure that it does not automatically sign for Products being received in good condition and is to check the state of the cartons and the Products before signing for them as that will be held against the Customer by the delivery company in the event of a dispute. In the event of damage/fault, the damage must be pointed out to the carrier on arrival and the Customer is to note the damages on the delivery sheet/consignment notice that the Customer will be requested to sign. The Customer must retain all packaging materials ( where an installation service was not provided as part of the delivery service )and report the problem to  immediately and provide photographic evidence via email of any damages/imperfections.

    2.18   All transit damaged claims are to be notified in writing to GlobeWest within 2 working days of receipt of the Products. This requirement stands regardless of whether anything was advised to the delivery company at the time or documented on the any paperwork handed to the delivery company upon collection. Any claims re items that are deemed to be transit damaged which are notified after this date will be treated as a warranty claim.

    2.19   All risks in the product will pass to you once the products are delivered to the delivery address specified on your order via our Carriers, being carriers GlobeWest charged you for to perform the delivery.

    2.20   All Products are sold on the understanding that all licenses, permits and the like required under relevant statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations have been obtained by the Customer.

Installation Services:

    3.1 Where the installation service option was available and was elected by the Customer at the time of placing the order and provided any access or other difficulties were fully disclosed in writing at the time of placing the order, GlobeWest’s carriers will :

  • Carefully carry the goods into your room of choice
  • Unpack and fully assemble the product; and
  • Remove all rubbish and empty cartons

     3.2    Please note that this installation service does NOT include the following:

  • Hanging or affixing fixtures to the walls (eg Mirrors , artworks, bedheads)
  • Hanging or installing lighting or other electronic equipment
  • Moving and/or un-assembling the Customers existing or old furniture being replaced to make way for the new goods. (It is the Client’s responsibility to have done so prior to delivery)

     3.3    Where additional services such as an unpack, assemble and rubbish removal was specified as part of the delivery and upon delivery the delivery team are advised that such service is not required and that they should merely leave the cartons on site; there will be no refund of any fees in relation to the provision of services nor will the delivery team make a return trip to provide such services where the person accepting delivery gave them alternative instructions.  Any return trip required to provide such services will be subjected to an additional charge.  Further, no refund of installation fees will be paid where such service was not capable of being safely delivered due to a lack of full disclosure by the Customer.

Collection of orders from our Springvale warehouse in Victoria

    4.1 Collections from our warehouse is subject to the following conditions:

  • Collection is only available between 8.30am and 4.30pm on Monday to Friday
  • 24 hours notice is required prior to collection – Please call 03-9518 1692 to schedule collection and quote your Order #.
  • Valid Government issued ID , such as an Australian drivers license , Passport or Medicare card ( with matching address as per your Sales Order) must be produced upon collection of goods from our warehouse. We reserve the right to with-hold goods if we cannot perform a satisfactory identity check for security reasons.
  • Where you are arranging for a carrier to collect these goods on your behalf , you are required to scan and email your valid Australian ID reflecting your name and address (to to authorise the pickup. The name and address on your ID documents must match that as per the order placed on our website.

     4.2    For products collected by our Customers directly from our Springvale warehouse and/or by the Customers appointed carrier, GlobeWest is not responsible for Products damaged in transit and all risks in the product will pass to you once these products have been collected from our warehouse. The Customer shall be responsible for insuring the Products against loss or damage during transit for collections by themselves or their nominated carriers.

     4.3    Globewest strongly discourages Customers from arranging collection of heavy and fragile (such as marble ) products and accepts no liability for any damages to these products. Customers, whether directly or via their nominated carrier, are encouraged to inspect the products prior to accepting these goods.  Where-ever possible, Customers should use GlobeWest’s specialist carriers for deliveries to avoid any potential transit related damages. Our carriers are also familiar with our products and thus better able to assist with any installation requirements.

Pricing and Payment:

     5.1    Unless stated otherwise , all prices are inclusive of GST and stated in Australian dollars.

     5.2    Payments are to be made at the time of placing the order.

     5.3    Prices are subject to change without notice.

     5.4    The Customer acknowledges that GlobeWest is entitled to sell the Products to other Customers at prices which are different to the prices which are charged to Customers ( via the Website) from time to time.

General Terms:


     6.1    The Website may contain links to other web sites. Those links are provided for convenience only and may not remain current or be maintained. GlobeWest is not responsible for the content or privacy practices associated with linked web sites.

     6.2    The Customer must take his or her precautions to ensure that his or her process for accessing the Website does not expose the Customer to risk of viruses, malicious computer code or other forms of interference which may damage the Customer’s computer system. GlobeWest takes no responsibility for any such damage which may arise in connection with the Customers use of the Website.

     6.3    GlobeWest may primarily communicate with Customers via e-mail. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure the correct contact details are entered and that the nominated e-mail address is regularly checked for correspondence.

Liability :

     7.1    Information and content on the Website is provided “as is” without warranty or guarantee except as required by law.  Information on the Website may contain technical inaccuracies, typographical and other errors and may be changed at any time without notice.

     7.2    Notwithstanding any other provision of these Terms and Conditions:

(a)        in no circumstances will GlobeWest be liable to the Customer, or any assigned party in contract, tort (including without limitation negligence or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise (whatsoever the cause) to compensate the Customer or any assigned party for any special, indirect or consequential loss or any loss of production, loss of revenue, loss of profit or anticipated profit, or business interruption.

(b)        GlobeWest will be deemed to have been discharged from all liability whatsoever in respect of the Products, whether under the law of contract, tort or otherwise, at the expiration of one year from the receipt of the Products.

(c)        the total liability of GlobeWest in relation to any Products sold to the Customer is limited to the amount payable by the Customer to GlobeWest in respect of the Product giving rise to the liability.

The above will not apply to:

(i)         liability out of which by law GlobeWest cannot contract;

(ii)        liability for fraud or malicious or deliberate criminal acts or omissions on the part of GlobeWest;

(iii)       liability for any act or failure to act by GlobeWest which was intended to cause, or which was in reckless disregard of, or wanton indifference to, the harmful consequences that GlobeWest knew, or ought reasonably to have known, that act or failure to act would have on the safety, property or interests of the Customer.

     7.3    GlobeWest is not responsible to the Customer or any person claiming through the Customer for any loss or damage to the Products in transit caused by any event of any kind by any person where the delivery costs were not paid for and arranged via GlobeWest. .

Release and Acknowledgement 

     8.1    To the full extent permitted by law, the Customer releases GlobeWest from any liability or obligation to the Customer or any assigned party arising out of GlobeWest’s performance or non-performance of any obligation under these Terms and Conditions and/or any Products supplied to the Customer in respect of:

(a)        loss (including consequential loss) in relation to property or otherwise;

(b)        personal injury, disease or illness to, or death of, persons;

(c)        economic loss; or

(d)        loss in relation to the environment.


  1. The Customer at all times indemnifies and holds harmless GlobeWest, its employees and  agents and any Related Body Corporate of GlobeWest from and against any loss, damages, costs and expenses (including without limitation actions, proceedings, judgments, legal fees and charges) that may be incurred by, billed, made or recovered against GlobeWest in connection with the performance or non-performance of the Customer’s obligations under these Terms and Conditions and/or the supply of any Products, including without limitation:

(a)        loss (including consequential loss) in relation to property, including without limitation GlobeWest’s property;

(b)        loss in respect of personal injury, disease, illness or death;

(c)        economic loss; or

(d)        loss in relation to the environment.

The indemnity in the above clause does not apply to the extent that any claims, damages, expenses, losses or liabilities are caused by any negligent act or omission of GlobeWest or its employees, agents or contractors, as the case may be.

The above indemnity does not in any way limit or affect any other rights that GlobeWest may have arising out of any default by the Customer in the performance of the Customer’s obligations under these Terms and Conditions.


  1. All descriptions, specifications, illustrations, drawings, data, dimensions and weights contained in our websites  or other documents of GlobeWest or elsewhere are approximations only.  

Exclusion Of Implied Terms

  1. Except to the extent required by law, no conditions or warranties expressed or implied by any law, ordinance rule or regulation (including those expressed or implied by statute, the common law, equity, and trade customs or usage) are binding upon GlobeWest unless set out in these Terms and Conditions. To the extent permitted by law, GlobeWest’s liability for a breach of a condition or warranty which is required or implied by law is limited to, at GlobeWest’s discretion:-

(a)        the replacement of the Products or the supply of equivalent Products;

(b)        the repair of the Products;

(c)        the payment of the reasonable cost of having the Products repaired; or

(d)        refunding to the Customer the cost of the Product.

  1. To the extent permitted by law, any warranties provided or implied or required by law do not apply if:-

(a)        the Products have not been used or stored in accordance with instructions provided by GlobeWest or that would otherwise be reasonable in all the circumstances;

(b)        the Products have been subject to any alteration or repair by any person other than authorised in writing by GlobeWest;

(c)        the Customer fails to notify GlobeWest of the Customer’s claim within 5 days of the defect becoming apparent or fails to return the relevant Product to GlobeWest upon being requested to do so by GlobeWest; or

(d)        the Products have not been used for the purpose for which they were designed.

Clauses (a) to (d) above are referred to below as “The Exclusion Clauses”.

Inspection, Defects and Returns

  1. The Customer must:-

(a)        inspect the Products upon delivery;

(b)        within two (2) business days of the supply of any Products (time being of the essence), notify GlobeWest of details of any alleged defect, error, omission, shortage in quantity, damage or failure to comply with the description or quotation;

(c)        provide GlobeWest with:-

(i)         such photographic and other proof of the alleged defect, error, omission, shortage in quantity, damage or failure to comply as may be requested by GlobeWest;

(ii)        GlobeWest’s product details (item code or name) and the relevant invoice or Sales Order number;

(d)        allow GlobeWest to inspect the alleged defect, error, omission, shortage, damage or failure to comply within a reasonable time of receiving notification;and

(e)        submit any claims to GlobeWest’s email address being or such other email address as may be advised by GlobeWest from time to time.

  1. The Customer will be deemed to have accepted the Products free of defect or any non-conformity unless GlobeWest receives a substantiated written claim within two (2) days of the date GlobeWest delivers or otherwise attempt to deliver the Products to the Customer, as the case may be.
  2. If a claim is made by a Customer, GlobeWest will endeavour to contact the Customer within three (3) business days along with photographs and other information required by GlobeWest. GlobeWest may then request further images or information relating to the claim in order for GlobeWest to clearly identify/determine the defect. GlobeWest will not approve any claims that:-

(a)        result from transit damage, where the relevant Products were not freighted by GlobeWest or GlobeWest’s  appointed freight companies/carriers for which delivery was charged by GlobeWest

(b)        are due to the natural characteristic of the relevant Product. This information can be found under Care Instructions on GlobeWest’s website. The Customer must comply with those Instructions .

(c)        arise from the improper use or care of the relevant Product.

  1. No return will be accepted unless a Return Authorisation has been provided by a staff member of GlobeWest.
  2. If GlobeWest accepts a claim by the Customer for a defect, error, omission, shortage, damage or failure to comply with description or quotation, the Customer must at its cost return the relevant Product(s) to GlobeWest at its place of business. in Springvale, Victoria. GlobeWest’s maximum liability to the Customer will then be to:-

(a)        supply a replacement of the relevant Product(s) or supply equivalent Product(s) to the Customer. GlobeWest reserves the right to substitute similar items should the colour or model in question no longer be available;

(b)        repair the relevant Product(s) and deliver them to the Customer; or

(c)        refund to the Customer the cost of the relevant Product(s).

If GlobeWest is of the reasonable opinion that the Products when returned are other than in the same condition as when they were delivered to the carrier or directly to the Customer, a charge equal to the cost necessary to restore the Products to their original condition shall be payable by the Customer upon demand by the Supplier. If Products are returned to GlobeWest which GlobeWest is unable to resell to a third party or resell for the same amount as was sold to the Customer, then GlobeWest may charge the Customer an amount equal to the loss incurred as a result of the Customer returning the Products.

  1. Except in the case of any Product(s) which are defective or damaged or fail to comply with their description, GlobeWest is under no obligation to accept any return of any Products sold to the Customer. No defect or claim in respect of Products delivered will entitle the Customer to reject delivery of other Products, which are not subject to any defect or claim, delivered as part of the Order.

Change of Mind returns:

  1. GlobeWest understands that Customers can sometimes make the wrong choices and that products may not quite look like or fit into a selected area of your house as expected. Change of mind returns are however costly to facilitate, time consuming to arrange and process and prone to damage on their return unless securely packaged.
  2. If GlobeWest, in its discretion, agrees to accept any return of any Product which is not defective or damaged or fails to comply with its description:-

(a)        the Products must be returned in their original packaging (both internal and external), in unmarked and unused condition, unassembled or in the exact state of assembly as originally delivered, to GlobeWest.

(b)        freight Charges paid re the initial delivery are non-refundable;

(c)        freight charges paid for the return of the relevant Products must be paid directly by the Customer or, if the return freight is arranged by GlobeWest, must be paid by the Customer and deducted from the credit (if any due) to the Customer on the return of this stock;

(d)        GlobeWest will charge a re-stocking fee equivalent to 25% of the value of the returned Products to cover the additional administration, warehouse and payment processing costs associated with the return of these items; and

(e)        a credit will only be processed once these Products are received in our Springvale warehouse  by GlobeWest ,checked and found to be in a good and as new condition.

            Proof of purchase is required for all returns with any refunds only being made against the credit card used for the initial payment.

Order Cancellations:

  1. The Customer may not cancel an Order after it has been acknowledged by GlobeWest without GlobeWest’s consent in writing. This may be refused or given at GlobeWest’s sole discretion and, when given, will be on condition that the Customer will compensate GlobeWest for all loss that it may suffer as a result of the cancellation as determined by GlobeWest in its discretion. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, GlobeWest will be entitled to charge a cancellation fee equal to 15% of the value of the cancelled order where cancelled prior to despatch from its Melbourne warehouse.

Warranties and Representations (including use for Domestic purposes, as defined, only)

  1. The Customer warrants and represents to GlobeWest that it must comply with all instructions provided by GlobeWest to the Customer regarding the care, handling and storage of the Products, including those instructions which may be viewed at
  2. GlobeWest warrants that:-

(a)        with respect to furniture for standard domestic use, GlobeWest gives a twelve (12) month structural warranty, unless otherwise specified. This warranty will be void if:-

(i)         there is a failure to follow GlobeWest’s  care instructions.

(ii)        if the Product is relocated from its original delivery location by transporters not approved GlobeWest, and the relocation caused damage because the product was inappropriately packaged or otherwise.

(iii)       the furniture is subject to a use for which it is not intended, including but not limited to damage caused by more than “normal” wear, spills such as acid, solvents, dyes or other corrosive materials, ink, paint, or body fluids, moisture of any kind, improper cleaning techniques or other negligence and placing furniture outdoors (other than furniture specified in GlobeWest’s catalogue and/or website as suitable for outdoor use.) or in direct sunlight.

  1. Any apartment or other dwelling which is used for any commercial undertaking or from which income is derived (such as a serviced apartment) shall be deemed to be a “non-domestic use” for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. With respect to furniture for non-domestic use, including but not limited to sales under a one-off individual Contract and sales to the hospitality industry, commercial applications and rental businesses, GlobeWest’s policy is to give no warranty other than the warranties required by law. The Customer acknowledges that:-

(a)        only select pieces in GlobeWest’s  range are suitable for non-domestic use.

(b)        in order for any warranty to be considered and potentially offered and valid for furniture for non-domestic use, the sales order placed via our website must state in writing the intention for non-domestic use at the time the Order is made. (iii) in the event that the Customer states its intention upfront and in writing to use the Products in such a commercial application and in the event that an authorised officer of GlobeWest agrees in writing or via email to the suitability of such product within the commercial application, then a 12 month structural warranty may be offered, fair wear and tear excluded. Any such warranty will be void if any of the Exclusion Clauses apply as though they were set out here at length.

(c)        Fabric/leather coverings, finishing stains/coats and cane/wicker are excluded from any warranty provided by GlobeWest.

  1. Improper use, abuse, negligence, commercial use or use (including but not limited to within a rental environment) will void the warranty. Any warranties implied by law will end immediately if the Products become defective or damages as a consequence of misuse, lack of proper care and maintenance, commercial use, use within a commercial or rental environment or handling in transit.
  2. GlobeWest will not be required to repair or replace a Product if GlobeWest, acting reasonably, believes it is unreasonable that it be required to do so. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Customer acknowledges that:-

(a)        if the Products are of a rustic or organic nature, then surface details may vary from imagery and display models and this is not considered a defect nor will it be deemed to be a defect.

(b)        GlobeWest imports many unique items that have natural characteristics and are frequently produced with raw or untreated finishes. Minor variations may also be present in the touch, feel or grain of a product. The shade or colour of a Product may also vary from images displayed on GlobeWest’s website or from Products in GlobeWest’s showroom. Any such variations will not be considered to be a defect nor will it be deemed to be a defect.

(c)        chair heights, rakes, the colour of the frames and/or seat coverings and other items may also vary marginally from batch to batch. Whenever chairs are ordered, GlobeWest will endeavour to send them from the same batch and not part-ship. However, if at a later date additional chairs are ordered and are to be used in conjunction with a batch previously supplied by GlobeWest, GlobeWest takes no responsibility in relation to any minor discrepancies between the various shipments.

(d)        the Customer must only use the Products as they are intended.

(e)        the Customer must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that no damage is caused as a result of its use (or the use by a third party) of the Products. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in the case of tables, chairs and other furniture, it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that: - 

(i)         protective coverings are used by the Customer so as not to damage or scratch the floor upon which the tables, chairs or other furniture is placed. For example, suitable stoppers on product legs should be used which are appropriate for the Customer's floor type. 

(ii)        the protective coverings or stoppers are regularly upgraded when required to minimise damage to the Customer's floor. 

(iii)       the Customer only purchases tables, chairs and other furniture which are suitable for the floor upon which it is to be placed. 

(f)         with some floor surfaces, such as natural wood, it is inevitable that some damage will occur from the use of tables, chairs and other furniture and GlobeWest will have no liability to the Customer in relation to any such damage.  

  1. GlobeWest must be notified of an imperfection in the Products within 5 days of the Products being delivered failing which any warranty applying to the Products will cease to apply.
  2. If GlobeWest is required under these Terms and Conditions to repair a Product, it will endeavour to give an approximate time frame by which a Product will be repaired (if repair is possible) and will attempt to do so within a reasonable time.

Intellectual Property 

  1. The Customer acknowledges that GlobeWest is the sole owner (or a licensee) of all Intellectual Property (including all copyright and design rights) which vests in the Products.
  2. All branding, logo’s typography, designs, photography, catalogues and other marketing collateral, drawings or technical specifications of any Products must not be reproduced by the Customer in any form without GlobeWest’s written authority.
  3. The Customer must not use any images of the Products, whether sourced/downloaded from GlobeWest’s website or obtained by other means, to sell the Products on-line without first obtaining the written approval of GlobeWest.


Privacy Act 

  1. If the Supplier considers it relevant to assessing the Customer’s application for commercial credit, the Customer agrees to the Supplier obtaining from a credit-reporting agency a credit report containing personal credit information about the Customer in relation to commercial credit provided by the Supplier. The Customer agrees that the Supplier may give and seek from any credit providers named in the credit application form information about the Customer’s credit arrangement. The Customer understands that this information can include any information about its credit worthiness, credit standing, credit history or credit capacity that credit providers are allowed to give or receive from each other under the Privacy Act.
  2. The Customer’s personal and company data is known to the Supplier only when voluntarily submitted or posted to the Supplier. The Supplier may use this data for ongoing marketing purposes direct to the Customer. If at any point the Customer no longer wish to receive communication from the Supplier, please advise the Supplier accordingly in writing.
  3. The Customer acknowledges having read and understood the Supplier’s Privacy Policy which may be viewed on the Supplier’s website.