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End-of-line boxed stock (as new) 40-80% off rrp
End-of-line boxed stock (as new) 40-80% off rrp
Loui Burke Shares 5 Things To Create The Perfect Dining Nook

Loui Burke Shares 5 Things To Create The Perfect Dining Nook

On today's blog we have the pleasure of introducing guest writer Loui Burke, lifestyle content creator and design aficionado - you may recognise him from his beautiful bed spreads on TikTok!

Long time GlobeWest fan, Loui nabbed one of our marble coffee tables at last year's Warehouse Sale for his beautiful loft-style apartment in Melbourne CBD.


Read below to find out Loui's tips for the perfect dining nook!

Plus, explore our Dining Clearance instore and online for a further 20% off clearance prices until Monday, 20th March 2023!


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Living in an apartment, having a dining set-up can often be ignored for lack of space. But, since opting to transform my small office multi-functional dining room I have a new found appreciation and love for a dining space.

What I love most about this space is that it feels like a private room in a fancy restaurant. A place to retreat with friends and also a cute spot for an at-home date night. 

The size of the room naturally feels nice and intimate for date nights or catching up with the recent gossip with some friends.  

If you’re in the process of wanting to add to or create a dining space, I’d recommend you check out GlobeWest Outlet. It’s one of my go-to’s to find quality furniture and home decor bits that are significantly reduced in price. 

They have plenty of clearance stock on their website, but I always head in-store to check out what else is available.

They’re open year-round, Monday-Saturday and super helpful in giving style advice and if you’re after something in particular they’ll get your details and call if the item comes in. And there are so many one-offs and samples that come in-store too that you can't see online. So it’s always well worth heading over and seeing what’s new in.  


5 Things I Did To Design My Dining Space; 

1. It’s all about the Table; 

Opting for a round table was best to fit in the space so people can walk around easily.

I also love a round table because I feel like everyone can see one another and speak as a group nicely vs a rectangular table can be a bit one on one with the person directly in front of you. 

If you’re looking for a gorgeous round table, the Tully dining table from GlobeWest Outlet is the perfect size for a smaller dining nook or open-plan kitchen/dining space. The natural timber and added texture on the base of the table add dimension and has a timeless look and feel.  


Tully Dining Table


2. Lighting is so important; 

Placing a large pendant above the table also makes the space feel more intimate. Centering the eye to the middle of the space and feeling like you’re in a small cocoon. A large statement pendant also just added more interest to the space. I kept it light and airy with a rice paper lantern. It floats above you and adds a dreamy, retreat feel. 

I love the size and texture of the Lula Woven Pendant. Its classic shape and natural cane adds warmth and will cast a beautiful dapple light effect making it super ambient and romantic. I also love this cone option too.


Lula Woven Pendant and Finley Woven Pendant



3. Utilise Open Seating; 

I kept my dining chairs low profile with stem legs and a back cut out so the eye can see through them. It’s ideal in smaller spaces to have furniture that’s light in colour and you can see through so the eye can still see to the back wall. It makes the room feel larger vs block furniture which suits a larger space. Just like these Plantation Bell Dining Chairs


Plantation Bells Dining Chair



4. Always add in a rug; 

A rug (despite having carpet) is the perfect thing to ground your furniture in the space. It instantly makes everything feel like it should be where it is. Not only that, a rug adds so softness and texture. The benefit of a rug is that it absorbs some of that loud laughter and music. I adore this Tepih Ida Rug. Such a beautiful design and so soft! The perfect size to fit a table and chairs. 


Tepih Idah Rug



5.  Keep things looking fresh with Home Decor

Swapping out your cushions and linen is a great way to change up the look and keep each dinner party feeling like a separate occasion. I’m loving the look of these Iggy Stripe cushions. They’re in my favourite size 65x45cm. They sit perfectly on a chair and add in some lower back support whilst not taking over the whole seat. 


Iggy Stripe Cushion



5 Bonus Tips; 

  1. No phones or TV!  The best thing about having a separate room is no screens. 

  2. I believe all food tastes better shared - The act of serving food amongst friends adds to the atmosphere. So large share bowls of pasta and salads passed around the table brings activity and an added buzz to the meal - I also love a good charcuterie/cheeseboard to nibble on throughout the night. 

  3. Lamps and candlelight instantly adds drama and romance.

  4. Some cool jazz covers are great for entertaining because it feels like a restaurant but your friend might pick up that it's a cover of the latest hit. 

  5. Same with some flowers. They don’t need to be elaborate, just two bunches of the same or different styles placed in a vase can make your table look entirely different each dinner time. 


Be sure to go and check out the GlobeWest Outlet this weekend and any time you’re after some seriously good deals on quality furniture at 20-22 Parsons Ave, Springvale VIC. Here are a few more sneak peeks of what’s in the dining sale offer atm! 

GlobeWest Outlet Dining Clearance Instore Products

Explore more from Loui on his journal, including his interior design journey and other key styling tips!

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