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In Stock and Ready to Ship Australia Wide*. Latest Covid-19 Information here.
In Stock and Ready to Ship Australia Wide*. Latest Covid-19 Information here.


For most of us, with each new year, comes the desire to be more organised.

Sure, de-cluttering can spark joy, but more than ever, our homes need to provide functional spaces where we can comfortably study, work, and take care of the administration of our increasingly busy lives.

Thankfully, modern architecture is bringing workspaces out from previously small dark study’s into the light-filled hearts of many of homes.

The desire for mindfulness also continues to influence the home and workspace.

Below our own Keti Lytras, (Head of Creative at GlobeWest) provides achievable tips to achieve work-life balance at home and shares some of her favourite workspace and study nook photos featuring products in our current office , desk, and dining chair range.

"Through infusing our spaces with calming materials, sensorial textures and soothing home comforts we create environments where we can thrive."

“The quality of our space has an impact on everything, from mental wellbeing to productivity, creativity and collaboration.” Explains Keti.

Design for wellness

As the need for moments of calm increases, promote stillness and mindfulness through inviting tactile surfaces, natural textures and soothing colours into your home office.

Keep an open mind

Encourage community with open plan workspaces in the home or at work, promoting a space for collaborative thinking.

A Human Connection

In order for spaces to feel welcoming, add personal touches of art or decoration that will resonate and connect with the worker.

Shape your space

Curved design has been shown to increase brain activity, as well as helping with intuitive flow. Softening the space with elegant touches of soothing materials and plush surroundings will give you space to move & reenergise.

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